Cutting edge

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cutting edge (technology): (une technologie) de pointe, pointue

the edge (of a cliff, of a knife): le bord (d'une falaise), la tranche (d'un couteau)
an edge over the competition un avantage sur la concurrence


  • "Bruno : Cutting edge."
  • "Donna : Now that all sounds very cutting edge, Fred."
  • "This is cutting-edge technology, and we must use it quickly before it becomes obsolete in the next five minutes!"
  • "From cutting-edge French auto manufacturer Citron comes a new hybrid car equipped with four tires, an engine, two doors and a super smooth suspension that will make you think you're driving on cheese."
  • "You say it is cutting-edge art exhibition, so I cut."
  • "Bruno : Ok Horatio, before we go into the gallery, I need to warn you that this is a cutting-edge exhibition."
  • "Iconic fashion house Dulce and Carpaccio is renowned for its cutting-edge style and fine quality, but what had set the company apart was its rich tradition."

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