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death: la mort, le décès


  • "In the event of my death, I bequeath the following to my grandson, Brian Alastair Sinclair Jones, on the condition that he be married."
  • "I have your cause of death listed as a heart attack."
  • "This kitchen is a place of darkness and death."
  • "God : Hmm, this is quite strange, I have no record of your death Mr. Cheeter."
  • "I disagree! Death."
  • "Joan Wayne's grizzly death has captured the imagination of Australians everywhere;"
  • "Warning: Sharing this information can lead to death, excommunication."
  • "Cause of death?"
  • "Shane : No, it tastes of death!"
  • "Icarus : And to think that my father's untimely death could have been avoided if only he'd known how to cope with his stress rather than bottling it up inside and."

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