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devoted: dévoué, fidèle

to devote: (se) dévouer, consacrer


  • "Narrator : In order to understand this complex man who has devoted his life to communicating with the dolphins, we must first examine his past."
  • "Devoted husband and father of three, Verne Calahan, was found walking down the road near his home in Somerset, Kentucky early yesterday evening."
  • "We devote our lives to your cause."
  • "Someone who understands that I'm devoted to my work, and someone who accepts me as I am. Also, they need to like cats, and if they like algebra, that would be ideal."
  • "Susie : The second floor is devoted to health, beauty, and relaxation."
  • "A CEO couldn't ask for a more devoted special assistant."
  • "I am devoted to various evil causes and ventures."

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