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due to: dû à, en raison de
Due to the bad weather, the concert has been cancelled. En raison du mauvais temps, le concert a été annulé.

(The train is) due to (leave London in 15 minutes): (Le train) doit (quitter Londres dans 15 minutes)


  • "Due to circumstances beyond our control, the meeting in Hong Kong has been brought forward by 1 day."
  • "Due to a tragic gas explosion in the Olympic village, all other contestants were killed before the event."
  • "Edward : Due to insufficient funds in my account!"
  • "Announcement 1 : Ladies and gentlemen, train number 98756 from London to Paris is delayed due to water on the tracks."
  • "You are due to leave Earth's atmosphere in 30 seconds."
  • "A lot of this is due to anxiety over the downturn in the economy and its effect on consumer spending."
  • "The TV network canceled "Horrible Crimes and Forensic Miracles" due to poor ratings."
  • "The record turnover is mainly due to an aggressive discount policy implemented by Delavigne's Head of Sales, Philip Cheeter."
  • "However, due to some good PR work..."
  • "In the event of a layover due to a delayed flight, hotel accommodation will be provided within the airport."

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