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empty: vide, désert, creux
I found the box empty. J'ai trouvé le carton vide.
The streets were empty the next morning. Le lendemain matin, les rues étaient désertes.
The president delivered a speech empty of meaning. Le président a fait un discours vide de sens.

to empty: épuiser, évacuer, vider
We need to empty all the jars. Nous devons vider tous les pots.


  • "The room's empty!"
  • "I have put coal on the barbecue and then I've emptied a bottle of your "highly flammable" Montmartre Musk, all over it."
  • "I checked my documents in the C-drive and it's empty!"
  • "I've got my sun block: SPF 75, my aviator shades, three bottles of purified drinking water, two bags of fresh baby carrots, my travel journal and an empty mayonnaise jar."
  • "empty. Brian, it's time that I found a love of my own!"
  • "Watch this, I'm going to hit the driver with this empty bottle!"
  • "Brian : The room's empty!"
  • "-empty your trash"
  • "My diary is empty but can you check yours and tell me what day, if any, would be best for you?"
  • "Messages in bottles are not the most reliable form of correspondence, but as my camp is patrolled by French guards, there is no shortage of empty wine bottles."

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