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(I'm treated) fairly (here): (Je suis traité) équitablement (ici)

(it's) fairly (cold outside): (il fait) assez, relativement (froid dehors)

(a) fair (trial): (un procès) équitable, juste


  • "Now we've come to realise that animals deserve the right to be treated fairly in a place free from discrimination."
  • "OILS is a globally recognized organization, and we can be sure that any subcontractor who is approved by OILS is completely legitimate: their employees are of legal working age, they are treated fairly and are all paid the minimum wage or above."
  • "With just a few minor tweaks and several hundred billable hours, we are fairly certain that the Delavigne Corporation can restore its reputation at least for a few months - that's the Slick Brand Solutions guarantee*."
  • "The clouds are white and fairly fluffy."

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