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(The rug) fits (this room): (Le tapis) va bien, convient (dans cette pièce)
I'm not sure if this painting will fit on the wall. Je ne suis pas sûr que cette peinture aille bien sur ce mur.
It fits you like a glove! Cela vous va comme un gant!
This dress fits you to perfection! Cette robe vous va à merveille, à ravir!
It fits my needs. Cela répond à mes besoins.

to fit into (a pair of jeans): rentrer dans (un jean)

(a) fit (person): (une personne) en bonne forme physique
Fit has come to mean "sexy" or "good looking" in modern British English. When used to describe a man or woman, the term means "good looking" or "attractive", but is still linked to the idea of being in good physical condition.

He's quite fit! Il est très beau, sexy!

Pronunciation examples
UK: This dress is too small - it doesn't fit!
US: You need to be very fit to run a marathon.


  • "He's going to check you out to see if you're, um, mentally fit."
  • "Wow Brian, you've certainly got big hair, it doesn't seem to fit!"
  • "I think you are really fit."
  • "I can fit into tight spaces!"
  • "Someone fit and athletic, and it would be great if they cooked."
  • "Candles (I have some, but mine will never fit on a cake)"
  • "He seems like a very sensitive fellow, not to mention how fit he is!"
  • "The scarf measures 50cm in length and is designed to fit around the necks of most birds (except ostriches and emus, which require modified versions of the scarf)."
  • "We found a man who fits this description."

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