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a friend: un ami
Luna has a lot of friends. Luna a beaucoup d'amis.

friendship: l'amitié
I really appreciate our friendship. J'apprécie beaucoup notre amitié.

friendly: amical, sympathique, accueillant
They're not very friendly at this restaurant. Ils ne sont pas très sympathiques dans ce restaurant.


  • "Sometimes, I wouldn't mind going back to San Francisco and seeing my friends and colleagues."
  • "Well you can go to one bar, I will be going to another secret bar underwater with my millionaire manatee friends."
  • "But you got friends still, right, Peter?"
  • "One of Philip's closest colleagues, and least close friends, Brian Jones, will now say a few words about Philip's life."
  • "I might have to phone a friend."
  • "I was even on the verge of quitting, when one night I heard the voice of my daddy say to me: "Son, you need to go out and make some friends"."
  • "Horatio : Where are our friends, Lucky boy?"
  • "Philip : Actually we're in Paris to find our friends."
  • "Same goes for Frankie Fingers and his friend the Corsican."
  • "Lucky : I know where your friends are."

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