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to hire: embaucher, engager
We need to hire more people. Nous avons besoin d'engager plus de personnes.

to hire a car (UK): louer une voiture
to hire a taxi prendre un taxi

a hire: une embauche, une recrue
Pronunciation examples
UK: We hired him last week.
US: The new guy in sales was an excellent hire.


  • "Hire a sidekick."
  • "Why should we hire you?"
  • "Edward : I mean - hire you?"
  • "I've been hired by your company to make sure you people are having fun and working together."
  • "And this afternoon, the interviews to hire Horatio's replacement are starting."
  • "Anyway, despite your commendable efforts, I have decided it would be best to hire the janitor through a cleaning agency."
  • "You hired me, Philip."
  • "You know, you guys are hired."
  • "However, I want the final say on this new hire."
  • "Do you only hire women named Melanie?"

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