Traduction I have to be off

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I have to be off! I'd better be off! I must be off! I'll be off!: Je dois y aller ! Je dois filer ! Je dois partir !

I'm off to (Ouagadougou): Je file à (Ouagadougou)


  • "You try Edward, I'm off to take a leak."
  • "See you next week, I'm off to London for the weekend!"
  • "I'm off! Brian : You know what Philip?"
  • "Then I'm off to watch a baseball game."
  • "I'm just off to a match actually."
  • "Now, I'm off to my local bar for a local beer, hopefully I won't be eaten by a local bear!"
  • "I'm off to find those spiders."
  • "Now I'm off to Pyongyang to resume my peace talks with the North Koreans."
  • "Thanks for the help Edward! I must be off! Cheerio!"
  • "I'll be needing a signature for the presents, please, and I'll be off."

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