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a introduction: une présentation, une introduction


  • "Maybe contemporary painting wasn't the best introduction to the arts."
  • "They are setting an example for other businesses through the introduction of green-roof technology and carbon reduction labelling;"
  • "This was mentioned not only in Bruno's introduction of Donna to the staff, but in a subsequent e-mail sent on the 23rd of July."
  • "Strange Woman : There will be time for introductions later."
  • "Philip : Thank you so much for that warm introduction Professor Williams. My name is Philip Cheeter, and in this lecture, I'm going to teach you that sales is like a game: there are winners, like me;"
  • "This starter pack is designed to give recent immigrants* to the USA a user-friendly introduction to life in the United States of America."
  • "I apologize for this abrupt introduction, but I wanted to make our position quite clear."
  • "Icarus : Thank you once again Mr. Delavigne for that kind, um, introduction."
  • "Introduction from the CFO"

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