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to look after (sbdy, sthg) : entretenir, soigner, prendre soin de, s'occuper de (qq chose, qq'un)
Can you look after my dog while I'm away? Peux-tu prendre soin de mon chien pendant mon absence?
The nurse looked after my grandfather during his illness. L'infirmière a pris soin de mon grand-père durant sa maladie.


  • "Doesn't the US look after its senior citizens?"
  • "Edward : Ok, so apparently, we're hiring a janitor – someone to clean and look after the Delavigne premises."
  • "Hannah looks after Delavigne's interests in retail outlets and points of sale."
  • "You don't mind looking after her?"
  • "The doctor has ordered her to rest in bed, which means I have to look after her for a few days."
  • "Horatio is still in Tibet with Bruno and Brian, so you have been chosen at random to look after his test monkeys this week."

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