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a (protective, gas) mask: un masque (de protection, à gaz)

(the) masked (avenger): (le vengeur) masqué


  • "There are many beautiful flowers there in bloom this time of year, so those who suffer from hay fever should bring some antihistamines or a protective mask."
  • "I brought my eyes wide shut mask and everything!"
  • "Before you enter, you may want to put on this protective mask, and above all, don't look him in the eyes!"
  • "Tobacco smoke may smell unpleasant, but it certainly is a good mask."
  • "Bruno Delavigne - the man behind the face mask."
  • "We have video footage of masked members of this group breaking in to our establishment shortly before we opened on Friday."
  • "Olaf : Ok, Klaus, my mask is on."
  • "Before you enter, you may want to put on this protective mask, you never know what might happen."
  • "Cleaning equipment and gas masks are available in my office."

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