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the network: le réseau
The Internet is the world's largest network of computers. Internet est le plus grand réseau d'ordinateurs au monde.
He's connected to a network of people who you might find useful. Il fait partie d'un réseau de personnes qu'il peut être utile pour toi de connaître.

to network: (se) mettre en réseau
These two computers are networked together. Ces deux ordinateurs sont reliés l'un à l'autre par le réseau.
You should go to this party, it will be a good opportunity for you to network. Tu devrais aller à cette fête, c'est une bonne opportunité pour enrichir ton réseau de contacts.


  • "Brian : Well it says here he's talking about the value of networking in business."
  • "Now some of you may be skeptical about networking."
  • "I'm going to talk to you today in my role as an "entrepreneur" about the importance of networking, and a theory called the "six degrees of separation" which could help you be as successful and rich as me."
  • "That's when I realized that my daddy's advice was to start networking!"
  • "So I say to all the entrepreneurs gathered here tonight, go out there and network with as many people as you can."
  • "Don't miss out on your chance to network with some of America's most influential businesspeople and entrepreneurs."
  • "The "Smellies" will be broadcast live on network television in over 60 countries around the world, so this is a great opportunity for publicity, even if we don't win, though I've heard some rumours, and apparently we're the favourites!"
  • "The Movers and Shakers Foundation cordially invites you to the 12th annual Entrepreneur Business Network Event: 17 May, 7:00PM - 11:00PM, The Bohemian Club, San Francisco."
  • "The TV network canceled "Horrible Crimes and Forensic Miracles" due to poor ratings."
  • "One of the cheapest, safest, and most sociable ways of traveling within the United States is the Greendog network of buses."

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