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a parking lot (US), car park (UK): un parking


  • "Bruno : Brian, are you offering to physically injure a union representative in our parking lot?"
  • "We are "examining" him now in a secret location (the toilets in the Delavigne parking lot), trying to find out literally what makes these robots tick."
  • "Bruno : Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Delavigne staff parking lot: it's fight night!"
  • "I've got plenty of other Scottish things planned for today: I've got a full-sized replica of the Loch Ness monster in the parking lot, and Brian mentioned that he'd like to try on some dresses with you later."
  • "Perhaps I'm exaggerating, but the other day I saw a horse in the parking lot."
  • "However, I can confirm that you must all assemble at the staff parking lot at 6PM on Friday."
  • "Ray : Brent, Rachid and I noticed a Taco Bell by the beach, so we decided to land the helicopter in the parking lot and grab some food."

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