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a podcast: un podcast (moyen de diffusion de fichiers sur Internet)


  • "Security guard : A podcast?"
  • "Lindsay Bauhaus : Welcome to the Crawl Street Journal's architecture podcast."
  • "I'm recording a podcast about this art gallery."
  • "Tomorrow: An exclusive Crawl Street Journal podcast inside the new gallery!"
  • "My podcasts can be downloaded weekly at no charge on the Daily Roast website."
  • "Perhaps you are a purist and limit yourself to downloading pornography and heavy metal music, however whether you are podcasting vegan recipes or ranting about Venezuelan foreign policy on a message board, it seems clear that the Web has become less of an occasional tool than a full-time distraction."
  • "Thanks for listening to my podcast everyone."
  • "Sigourney : Welcome everyone to my podcast "Weevil's people", my weekly spotlight on people who have been in the news lately."

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