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Bruno was quoted as saying "I have anosmia": Bruno a dit, je cite "je suis atteint d'anosmie"
"This will be the best perfume of the summer", Bruno Delavigne was quoted as saying. Bruno Delavigne a dit "Ce sera le meilleur parfum de l'été".

to quote: citer
a quote, a quotation une citation


  • "Moira : The president was quoted as saying, "I don't know who fired those missiles, but I will find out, and there will be repercussions."
  • "A New Orleans resident was quoted as saying, "We'll just have to try harder next year."
  • "Witnesses were quoted as saying that it was a wonder an accident like this had not happened sooner and that it was a miracle that the passengers escaped unharmed."
  • "" When reminded that Zirconda is located nearly 3000 kilometers from mainland Europe, the minister was quoted as saying, "So what?"

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