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to remember: se souvenir, se rappeler
Do you remember me? Te souviens-tu de moi?
I don't remember the end of the movie. Je ne me rappelle pas de la fin du film.

Pronunciation examples
UK: Remember to get dressed before you go shopping in future.
US: Can you remember the name of that handsome actor?


  • "Bruno : Yes, and remember Brian, ABL: Always be looking."
  • "Does everybody remember that?"
  • "You remember the new factory we wanted to build in Spain?"
  • "Brian : Remember Edward, Bruno needs that photocopying done for 11AM. No daydreaming of becoming a rock star!"
  • "Remember, I have 2000 massage programs to choose from, including a happy ending algorithm."
  • "Remember, eat lots of carrots to keep your hair nice and shiny."
  • "Brian : Sir, you can't smell. Remember?"
  • "Just remember to keep it short and sweet."
  • "REMEMBER: there is NO RISK and you NEVER pay a dime!"
  • "Only three candidates remain, and although I can no longer remember what job these people are applying for, they must be very good at something to make it to this stage, which is very encouraging."

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