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a robot: un robot, un automate

(near-)robotic: (presque) robotique, automatique


  • "Robots are still thriving at the Delavigne Corp, doing our jobs better than us."
  • "Edward : Hi, this is Edward Moon, I'm not here right now because I'm taking part in a secret plot to overthrow the robots that have taken over the Delavigne Corporation - boooo!"
  • "Here is my status report on the robots"
  • "There's no way of penetrating this robot, at least not in any traditional way."
  • "In ten years' time, all jobs will be done by robots."
  • "Bruno : Shake his hand Brian, he's a frigging robot!"
  • "Apparently, my job is so boring even a robot refuses to do it."
  • "Still, there is hope for the human resistance: Edward and I have kidnapped the most important and handsome robot - BrianBot!"
  • "Robots never!"
  • "What tidings do you bring of the robots?"

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