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to shout (at someone): crier (sur qq'un)

a shout: un cri
Pronunciation examples
UK: He shouted at me for being late.
US: There's no need to shout - I'm not deaf!


  • "Rachel : I'm not going to shout at you, sir."
  • "If someone shouts at you, try and calm them down."
  • "I need to shout at him!"
  • "Brian (on intercom) : Mr. Delavigne, I hear shouting."
  • "The Palo Alto Airport Control Tower was alerted to the incident after hearing Mr. Marron shout "M'aidez, m'aidez!"
  • "Jean : Please do not shout again, my ears are bleeding."
  • "PS why are you "SHOUTING"?"
  • "Bruno : No Icarus, I want to shout at you."
  • "I'm rather shaken up by what happened to my mother, and the last thing I needed was to be shouted at because I wanted a refund on a ski trip."

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