Sit in on

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to sit in on (a meeting): assister à (une réunion)
I sat in on the discussion. J'ai assisté à la discussion.

Notons que ce verbe est irrégulier :
I sit in on / I sat in on / I have sat in on

to sit in (the back): s'asseoir (au fond)


  • "I have a lot of students to speak to in a short period, but you're very welcome to sit in on an interview or two (on speaker phone) if you like."
  • "Bruno : Heh heh, I was thinking that Ursula could sit in on our meeting, since she is an expert."
  • "Be careful to sit in one of the first four carriages because the back of the train takes a different branch to Puddlington, and you don't want to go there!"
  • "He's going to be sitting in on our meeting, taking notes and whatnot."
  • "AND, If you don't give me a discount, I'll tell Bruno you sit in his chair when he's not looking."

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