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the speed: la vitesse

speedy: rapide


  • "The second part of the scam, and the part which is helping it to spread at such frightening speeds, is the attachment."
  • "The speed of the collapse of the dollar is key."
  • "I await a speedy explanation and full apology from you."
  • "a 7-inch disc plays at the speed of 45 rpm (revolutions per minute);"
  • "Philip : Hey hey, Speedy Gonzales!"
  • "For the past two weeks, there have been constant thunderstorms here, and the winds have reached speeds of 200 miles per hour, which usually indicates that there's a tornado on its way."
  • "The speed limit is 65 miles per hour, not, 97!"
  • "At what speed should I play a 7-inch disc?"

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