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sugar: le sucre


  • "But all this is beside the point because I quite like sugar, to be honest."
  • "Sugar 'n' Spice Soap Bar"
  • "In fact, that's my second suggestion: more sugar in the office."
  • "Following your demand for payment which I received this morning, please find enclosed a transfer order for the three shipments totaling 520 Delavigne "Sugar "n" Spice" soap bars, with invoices dated May 2nd, 18th, and 30th."
  • "Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch, you know that I love you, I can't help myself."
  • "I would really like to see more varieties of coffee in the coffee machine in the break room. "Milk and sugar", "black with sugar", "extra sugar" and "cream and sugar" don't offer much diversity."
  • "Also, the selection of drinks seems heavily weighted in favor of "sugar"."
  • "What if we don't want any sugar?"

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