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sushi: le sushi

a sushi bar, restaurant: un restaurant de sushi


  • "I know a great sushi bar just around the corner from the building."
  • "In fact, I don't even know if Bob can pronounce the word "sushi"."
  • "We make sushi, sashimi and yakitoris."
  • "Restaurant worker : Some sushi?"
  • "Do they like caviar? Sushi? Nachos?"
  • "Restaurant worker : But we sell sushi, not pizza."
  • "We have your laboratory surrounded by a team of 300 highly trained military operatives, 50 ninjas on loan from a sushi restaurant, 17 Apache helicopters and 3 cats that followed us here."
  • "The poor thing had to go out for sushi at about 4PM because she was so hungry."
  • "In fact, I don't even know if Bob can pronounce the word "sushi", let alone eat it."

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