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to take a survey: effectuer, faire un sondage

a survey: un sondage, une étude, une enquête


  • "During the first quarter of this year, over 5,000 males were surveyed by Smell Solutions about their fragrance buying habits."
  • "Icarus Quincy: And now, in my opinion, the most shocking development of this survey: Icarus has a date next Friday!"
  • "Dogs , which were declared the "World's Favourite Pet" after a recent survey."
  • "A recent survey in the Washington Post is causing quite a stir across the United States."
  • "But, according to the survey, Wayne thinks that wearing TigerLily makes him look tough."
  • "Here's what I would like you to do: take an informal survey of the staff and see who is available to attend a small celebration in honor of Horatio next Friday."
  • "A recent survey carried out at Kingston University has shown that an alarming 56% of managers who conduct interviews fail to recognize what constitutes an improper interview question."
  • "-In a recent survey, nearly 70% of customers indicated that they wanted their needs and desires met prior to having to ask."

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