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Tell me...: Dites-moi...
Tell me, how's your mother doing? Dis-moi, comment va ta mère?

Tell me about (yourself!): Parlez-moi de (vous !)


  • "Dr. Loblaw : Sir, can you tell me your name?"
  • "You can tell me where you got this crown."
  • "Inga : So, Bruno, tell me something."
  • "Tell me all about this "Australia"."
  • "You're not going to conform to my narrow vision of what a Scottish person is, so why don't you tell me what you're good at?"
  • "Except it keeps repeating "tell me about your mother" over and over again – I think it's stuck or something."
  • "Bruno : What? Tell me."
  • "Susie : I had the feeling that Bruno was trying to tell me something, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it."
  • "Tell me, sweet thing, are you enjoying your trip?"
  • "Now, while she's changing the bill, tell me a bit more about your native Sweden, I've heard it's quite cold this time of year."

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