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(I'll pay for dinner) this time: (Je vais payer pour le dîner) cette fois-ci


  • "We'll be using conference room A this time, that's on the 15th floor on the left hand side, next to the elevators."
  • "Hannah : Not this time thanks, it's a bit scary."
  • "You've got to fire Woody this time."
  • "Brian : Okay, Mr. Delavigne, we're going to record another message, and this time I want you to focus on energy, and the vibe you're giving to your callers."
  • "Bartender : What will it be this time, kid?"
  • "Don't forget to bring the doctor's note this time, Cheeter."
  • "But this time give me your best sales pitch!"
  • "And this time, please brush your teeth before you go to bed."
  • "So I assume you'll be taking more this time."
  • "This time, I'd like you to concentrate on being both sincere and professional."

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