To be right

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to be right: avoir raison
The customer is always right. Le client a toujours raison.


  • "Harold : I guess you're right."
  • "I'm afraid to say you were right."
  • "General Rainbow Child : You're right!"
  • "Yeah, you're right."
  • "Philip : Oh my god, you're right!"
  • "Even though you were right to voice your concerns about Doris May's recent dip in performance, I cannot condone the manner in which you did it."
  • "Hey Jean, it looks like you were right!"
  • "Bruno : By golly you're right!"
  • "Warbuckle : Hey Philip, your prediction was right – this New Year's party is full of beautiful women!"
  • "Hannah : Well, even if you're right for this example, an encyclopedia isn't about cows, it's about complicated things like politics, or history, or language."

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