To deduct

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to deduct: déduire, soustraire
We will deduct the overdraft charges from your savings account. Nous allons déduire les frais de découvert de votre compte d'épargne.


  • "Icarus : Actually, Terrance, the term "bottom line" refers to the "net income" of the company, which indicates the earnings that remain after deducting taxes and other amounts."
  • "I suggest that it be deducted from your salary in monthly installments of 300 dollars for the next four months."
  • "Polly : Mr. Connors, if you still wish to travel in business class, the extra cost will be deducted from your next check."
  • "Would you like me to go ahead and deduct the money?"
  • "For some reason, the "perfume counter" wasn't deducting units of Moulin Magic from the inventory when they were sold and left the warehouse."
  • "The cost of this will be deducted from your wages."

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