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to research: rechercher, faire des recherches, faire une étude
Note that the construction to do research uses the verb "to do" and not "to make".

Susie has been researching some ideas for a new ad campaign. Susie a recherché des idées pour la nouvelle campagne de publicité.

research: la recherche
research est toujours au singulier.

Icarus's research is usually very exhaustive. Les recherches d'Icarus sont généralement très complètes.


  • "I went ahead and did some research into your mother as well."
  • "As requested, I've done a bit of research on your father Stephen Moon, and it turns out that he is in fact a gold miner living in Fairbanks, Alaska."
  • "if you find this diary, give all of my money to robot research, and my dog Stink."
  • "The lesson to draw from Smithson's research seems to be that stress can help us to perform better, so long as we don't worry about it too much!"
  • "Hannah, you'll research some fine restaurants."
  • "Other research suggests that sleep is needed for creative problem-solving."
  • "And besides, I did some research, she's married to a brain surgeon."
  • "It may sound like an accident waiting to happen, but certain high-profile university professors are researching powering aircraft with on-board nuclear reactors."
  • "His research team has also found evidence that a little stress early on in life actually makes us into more resilient and better-adjusted adults."
  • "In the interest of research, I have travelled from London to Paris and back three times in the past three weeks, using three different modes of transport."

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