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to treat: traiter, soigner
You should treat your cough. Vous devriez soigner votre toux.
The water here is treated. Ici, l'eau est traitée.

a treat: un bonbon, un petit plaisir, une gâterie


  • "- Staff members are to be treated with respect, and therefore not to be bitten."
  • "Why do you treat me so mean?"
  • "I'm a total arse, and I treat women like objects, and objects like women."
  • "Treat the customer the same way you'd like to be treated."
  • "Treat the customer the same way you'd like to be treated."
  • "-Yes, they treat very well."
  • "-Do they treat their animal well?"
  • "Stop treating this room like a pigsty, and start respecting these new"
  • "Mrs Lee : We treat our workers very fairly, Mr Connors."
  • "Now, I'd like everyone to treat Jermaine with the insanity and paranoia that he deserves, mmkay?"

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