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upon (request): sur (demande)

upon condition (of, that)...: à condition (de, que)...


  • "- Damaged goods must be reported immediately by telephone upon receipt of items. No claims for compensation can be made after three working days."
  • "Upon his arrival at Peacenikland airport, Philip Cheeter promptly took a taxi to the country's parliament and demanded to be crowned king."
  • "We're trying to continue upon the success of my grandfather's perfumes in Paris."
  • "Philip Cheeter's first act upon becoming King was to rename Peacenikland "Cheeterland"."
  • "You put your faith in my abilities to make perfumes, and you gave me a chance to have creative control of products with your family's name upon them. And you got me working papers."
  • "Upon receipt of the completed form, we will contact you to arrange a visit from one of our installation engineers*."

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