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a vacation (US), a holiday (UK): des vacances, des congés

to go on vacation: partir en vacances


  • "I telephoned to cancel the vacation, and all I received was abuse!"
  • "Philip : Vacation?"
  • "like on vacation."
  • "As you can see, the first part of my talk is called: "Doris and Bernie's vacation photos, Greece 2004"?"
  • "Brent : So Oklahoma isn't a good destination for the next Vanderplop family vacation, is it Candy?"
  • "2 weeks' paid vacation"
  • "I'm not here right now because I'm on vacation, yippee, until - until August 15th."
  • "So, where are you going on vacation?"
  • "I am going on vacation tomorrow with some of my old cheerleading squad."

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