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warm: chaud ; chaleureux
It's a little warm in this room. Il fait un peu chaud dans cette pièce.
He's a very warm person. C'est une personne très chaleureuse.

to warm: chauffer, réchauffer


  • "What my Swedish friend here is trying to say is his meal is a little cold, could you warm it up, please?"
  • "very gay warm and friendly."
  • "Thank you for the warm clothes by the way."
  • "In winter I put socks in the windows to keep warm."
  • "I'll bring a bottle opener, and some warm English beers"
  • "I want to stay here in my warm manure pile."
  • "Brian Warm your toilet seat?"
  • "Philip : Thank you so much for that warm introduction Professor Williams. My name is Philip Cheeter, and in this lecture, I'm going to teach you that sales is like a game: there are winners, like me;"
  • "I will bring you the amended expense form later today, along with a warm glass of milk."
  • "A warm place with no memory."

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