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to weigh: peser
Voici quelques expressions communes utilisant weigh :
to weigh the options peser le pour et le contre
to weigh against peser contre, jouer contre

Have you weighed yourself lately? T'es-tu pesé récemment?

the weight: le poids
Voici quelques expressions commune utilisant weight :
the weight of the world le poids du monde
to gain weight prendre du poids
worth its weight in gold peser son poids en or
counter weight contrepoids

His weight was listed as three hundred pounds, but he looked heavier. Il a été écrit qu'il pesait 300 livres mais il a l'air plus lourd.

a weight: un poids, un haltère
Pronunciation examples
UK: You are very thin; how much do you weigh?
US: Oh dear, I forgot to weigh my vegetables.


  • "Shoshana, who weighs 350 pounds (160 kilograms) and has a history of violence, will be put to sleep early next week."
  • "Next time we'll add some weight to the bar."
  • "Weight: 68kg"
  • "The highest rates of weight gain per second were localized in the mid-west and the south (the so-called Fat Belt), however weight gain was steady from coast to coast, from California to New York."
  • "Physical description: (Age) 19 (Height) 5.8 M (Weight) 2367 KG (additional information) LOVES SUDOKU"
  • "Mr Delavigne is very sensitive about his weight."
  • "Philip : Anyway, my friend Joe, he weighs like 250 pounds."
  • "That's how we weigh things in the States."
  • "There's a competition to guess the cow's weight."

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