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Traduction Wireless access point

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a wireless access point: un point d'accès (réseau) sans fil
A wireless access point is either a hardware device or a computer's software that serves as a communication hub to connect to a wired LAN.


  • "Are you aware that 11b access points are used for home networks, whereas 11g access points are more suited to businesses?"
  • "Most recently I was trying to set up a wireless connection for the servers in our network, but I'm having some difficulty because the wireless access points which I purchased don't seem to be compatible with the servers we use."
  • "If you have newer servers, I'd advise you to replace the older access points with the 11g."
  • "Bob : So I should probably return all these access points I just bought...Bruno's not going to be happy."
  • "Techie : And what kind of access points are they?"

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