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to start by (doing something): commencer par (faire quelque chose)

(-How can I help?) -You can start by (carrying my bag!): (- Comment puis-je vous aider ?) - Vous pouvez déjà commencer par (porter mon sac !)


  • "First, let me start by telling you a few things about the position."
  • "Why don't we start by getting dressed?"
  • "Brian : Bruno sir, if you want me to help you find the perfect date, you should start by telling me what you're looking for in a lover."
  • "Xavier : You can start by getting me some more soup."
  • "Perhaps I could start by showing you an important table."
  • "You could start by buying me a nice big fat diamond ring."
  • "This speech is a tradition that was started by my father, K-k-k-k- King George."
  • "And you can start by removing my dog from that hole in the ground."
  • "Let's start by going through some of the more ridiculous suggestions of the month."

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