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Até 5 lições por semana

The estimated monthly training time is 5 hours (with 20 lessons completed). Actual training time depends on the participation rate of each individual. The price of each subscription is independent of the number of lessons received and completed by each learner.

Level Assessment & Certificate

Following your first ten lessons, you will receive a personalized pedagogical report called the 'Pedagogical Assessment'. Upon finishing your training, we provide a certificate of completion, including detailed statistics on your progress and participation rate.

Área do usuário personalizada online

Statistics, printable vocab lists, grammar, progress and more.

Personalização da pedagogia

Based on your level, needs and interests.

Authentic cultural references

In each lesson, Gymglish presents an authentic cultural reference (film, television, music, etc) linked to the story of the day.

Personalization by sector

Professional situations, business vocab, etc. Economy, finance, management, IT, marketing, sales, HR, engineering, etc.

'Premium' & 'Pro' Support

Our team will treat your technical requests in priority.

Pedagogical support

Within each lesson and correction, users can communicate directly with our pedagogical team to ask questions, make comments and suggestions.

Certified Diploma

Professional training diploma, recognized in Europe, delivered to each student following their training. The identity of the student is verified at the beginning of the training period and throughout the training.

HR / staff training managers: access your Pro account to monitor your co-workers' training (reporting tools, performance indicators, level assessment, students' progress, participation rates, administrative documents, Blended Learning modules, etc).