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Tradução & Definição

(These) figures (are interesting): (Estes) valores (são interessantes)(
atenção, figure é um falso cognato
Could you send over those figures I asked for? Você pode me enviar essas estatísticas que eu te pedi?
Kevin earns a six-figure salary. Kevin ganha um salário de seis algarismos.
(to keep one's) figure: manter a forma
I'm trying to watch my figure. Eu tento cuidar da minha aparência/boa forma.
a (political) figure: uma personalidade (política)

Pronunciation examples
UK: Icarus is a key figure at Delavigne, and obsessed with figures.
US: I keep my figure by exercising twice a day.


  • "According to your figures, we've got more than 2 million dollars' worth of Moulin Magic in our central San Francisco warehouse."
  • "I'm used to hearing figures like "30,000" from small clients."
  • "Accounting at your level, Icarus, isn't just about figures on a page, it's about having a feel for those numbers, and knowing what they represent in real life."
  • "He is a magnetic, popular figure, known as much for his business acumen as he is for his charity work and intense affection for dogs."
  • "Those same scientists predict that this figure is likely to increase in coming years."
  • "Kevin : The figures you quoted in your emails are very intriguing, Mrs Lee."
  • "The auditing team noticed some inconsistencies in Leeson's figures."
  • "Tomorrow morning I have to finish an interim financial report, and Kevin still hasn't gotten back to me with the figures I need from the factories in Asia, and I already asked him eight times, and Bruno's going to be furious if the finished report isn't on his desk by 12."
  • "Is there an error in the figures?"
  • "I would appreciate it if you could check these figures, and get to the bottom of this."

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