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(Mr Smith has been arrested,) along with (his dog): (O senhor Smith foi detido) junto com (seu cachorro)
prepositional phrase
She not only arrived late to the dinner, but she came along with her whole family. Ela não apenas chegou atrasada ao jantar, mas também trouxe toda a sua família.
Philip was called into the office along with Kevin: Philip foi chamado no escritório junto com Kevin
prepositional phrase


  • "Perhaps we could offer partial payment for the position along with free tickets to Mickeyland;"
  • "Along with golf, cricket is one of the oldest sports in the world."
  • "You are one of the most important people in my life, along with the monkeys."
  • "Edward : Just send the package back and we will ship out a replacement immediately, along with a complimentary bottle of TigerLily to show that we are truly sorry about any inconvenience caused."
  • "The policy is on your desk, along with some chocolates."
  • "The ticket is on your desk, along with a chocolate."
  • "Fred Farmer : Well, as you're a high-profile psychologist, the device is yours for free, along with a generous testing fee, say $10,000?"
  • "CEO Bruno Delavigne, along with Chief of Research and Development Horatio Oléré, will unveil a philanthropic initiative of great consequence, to be revealed at the time of press conference (6 PM)."
  • "Bruno : Well, I make perfumes, along with my associate Horatio Oléré."
  • "I will bring you the amended expense form later today, along with a warm glass of milk."

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