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Tradução & Definição

to apply for (a job): candidatar-se, concorrer (a um emprego)
Willy applied to the Delavigne Corporation for the position of security guard. Willy candidatou-se ao cargo de agente de segurança na "Delavigne Corporation".
to apply (cream): aplicar, pôr, passar (creme)
(This rule only) applies for, to (new employees): (Esta regra) se aplica (somente aos novos empregados)


  • "Every week, over 600,000 people are applying for unemployment benefits."
  • "She's applying for US citizenship."
  • "Stephanie : Hello, my name is being Stephanie Martin, I am applying for the stage."
  • "I applied a different perfume on this baby."
  • "Janine : Well Brent, in light of recent job cuts, Radio Rhubarb has prepared some advice on what NOT to do when applying for a job."
  • "Of all the candidates that applied, you're the least qualified, but the most handsome."
  • "Voting is mandatory down under, and the law is applied rigorously."
  • "Only three candidates remain, and although I can no longer remember what job these people are applying for, they must be very good at something to make it to this stage, which is very encouraging."
  • "Belinda has been applying it every morning, and is now looking much younger with some reduction of facial wrinkles."
  • "Horatio : No, it is because he does a number one every time I touch him. I applied a perfume on this baby."

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