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Tradução & Definição

appropriate: apropriado, adequado, conveniente
Do you think a tea set is an appropriate gift for a wedding anniversary? Você acha que um jogo de chá é um presente adequado para um aniversário de casamento?
inappropriate: impróprio, inadequado, inoportuno, inconveniente
The e-mail Philip sent Polly was inappropriate. O e-mail que Philip enviou para Polly foi inadequado.
to appropriate: apropriar-se de, apossar-se
to appropriate (somebody else's car) apropriar-se (do carro de outra pessoa)


  • "We need to have a long talk about appropriate language in the workplace."
  • "- Never deactivate the firewall we have installed for you, even if it prevents you from accessing certain websites (which are, as it happens, not appropriate for the workplace)."
  • "However, I don't want to see a repeat of this kind of outmoded and inappropriate attitude."
  • "Poorly-written application e-mail + inappropriate joke about alcoholism = polite rejection."
  • "Luna : Now, Philip, Susie has made a very serious accusation about your behavior, which she considers inappropriate."
  • "Connect appropriate wire to USB or Firewire port of computer."
  • ""Anti-English" graffiti has started to appear in the men's restroom. I won't go into details, but the slogans are shocking and completely inappropriate in a modern multicultural working environment."
  • "Removed Philip's testosterone chip after inappropriate joke about silicon implants."
  • "Icarus : You see, another Stickypedia user has seen our edit and quickly realized that a photo of me was inappropriate."
  • "Ask them which questions they think are inappropriate."

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