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Tradução & Definição

to attach (something to something): juntar, atar (alguma coisa em outra)
I'm very attached to her Sou muito unido a ela.
to attach a file (to an email): anexar um arquivo (a um e-mail)


  • "Anyhow, you'll find the results of the blood tests attached."
  • "See attached file for some of my favorites."
  • "Attached: finance_report_preview."
  • "I have taken the liberty of attaching the contact information of a consulting group which organizes Corporate Team-Building events at reasonable prices."
  • "ATTACHED Results of blood test."
  • "Your business card was attached to the patient's buttocks with chewing gum. He refuses to reveal his name, and broke a fire-extinguisher during check in."
  • "As you can see from the attached photo, my physical transformation is nothing short of godlike."
  • "MP3 attached to the report."
  • "Robot : Because citizens get very attached to songs about their country, and they don't like it when their music becomes a tribute to one's egomania."
  • "I've attached a spreadsheet that will help me select the best day for the picnic."

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