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Tradução & Definição

a building: um edifício, um imóvel
to build: construir, edificar
Esse verbo é irregular
I build / I built / I have built
a builder: um construtor, um empreiteiro, um mestre de obras

Pronunciation examples
UK: Turn left at the big blue building.
US: This is the house that Jack built.


  • "I want you to take this ladder, and this rope, climb out of the building and open the door on the other side."
  • "Innovative financial expert adept at building enterprise value"
  • "Please carry on as you were, and let's all pretend that there isn't a large, smoldering crater on the second floor of our building."
  • "Re : We built a gym"
  • "You rightly banned Icarus Quincy from the building for arguing that IcarusBot's calculations were less accurate than a human."
  • "Everyone must choose their own path, but thanks to the fine education that this school has provided for us, we have a solid foundation on which to build."
  • "Philip : I am indeed lucky to have met a woman who shares my love of feminist literature, my strict vegetarian diet and above all, who shares my belief in a monogamous marriage built on celibacy."
  • "You remember the new factory we wanted to build in Spain?"
  • "But, before she could leave the building, she heard a cry for help..."
  • "I've surfed every wave in this building, including the killer break in the first floor toilet."

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