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Tradução & Definição

(a plate of) chips (UK): (um prato de) batata frita
In American English, "chips" are dried potato slices, and "French fries" are fried potatoes.
(a packet of) chips (US): (um saquinho de) batata frita
In British English, chips (US) are called crisps
fish and chips: peixe e fritas (prato típico inglês)
"Fish-and-chip" restaurants, or "chippies" are extremely common in Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand.
When referring to a restaurant, we write the term with hyphens: a "fish-and-chips".


  • "I love fish and chips!"
  • "Brent : It is very sad, Moira, but at least they still have their chips!"
  • "I'm here to talk about "Fish and Chips", one of the staples of British cuisine."
  • "Are fish and chips really in danger?"
  • "Rupert : Soon however, fish and chips could become a thing of the past!"
  • "Jean : Chips!"
  • "Duck à la satsuma Fish and chips Liver and onions"
  • "What do the English usually eat with chips to make them more interesting?"
  • "Chips, guacamole?"
  • "There's nothing like coming home from a night on the town with a belly full of beer and stopping at your local "chippy" for a portion of fish and chips."

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