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Tradução & Definição

a claim: uma reivindicação, uma reclamação, uma alegação, uma declaração
We have always doubted his claims of innocence. Sempre duvidamos das alegações de inocência dele.
a claim for damages um pedido de indenização
to claim: reivindicar, reclamar, requerer, afirmar
He claims that he has never seen her before. Ele afirma que nunca a viu antes.
I don't claim to be an expert in French cuisine. Não pretendo ser um especialista em cozinha francesa.
He is not who he claims to be. Ele não é a pessoa que alega ser.

Pronunciation examples
UK: She's made a claim for damages against her employer.
US: He claimed to be the son of a millionaire.


  • "At 2.20pm Luna DeLune claims to have seen Icarus Quincy and Bruno having a heated argument by the coffee machine."
  • "- Don't be stupid enough to respond in any way to unsolicited or suspicious mail claiming to be from a bank."
  • "One California man thought that he would get a top-level position in a large corporation by claiming he was a member of the Kennedy family."
  • "You dealt with minor setbacks like Luna DeLune's absurd claim that her LunaBot "had bad energy" (we checked the voltage, she was fine)."
  • "That goes for all the shareholders you "claim" to represent."
  • "Another claim Smithson makes is that stress can be a good thing for pregnant women and their babies, citing "faster nerve transmission and perhaps even a greater brain development" in babies whose mothers had been subjected to moderate stress in mid-to-late pregnancy."
  • "Critics claim that the best ingredients don't always come from your region and that transport is only one element of a food's environmental impact."
  • "A team of French scientists is claiming a major breakthrough in the fight against the avian influenza virus (or "bird flu"): a bird-sized scarf made of wool."
  • "But is this man really who he claims to be?"
  • "Monday : Eyewitnesses claim to have seen the diminutive juice magnate on the beaches of St."

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