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Tradução & Definição

to collect: reunir, coletar, colecionar
I've collected all the documents we need for this case. Reuni todos os documentos que precisamos para este caso.
We haven't collected enough signatures yet. Ainda não coletamos assinaturas suficientes.
Icarus collects rare coins. Icarus coleciona moedas raras.


  • "In 3 or 4 years, you'll love the interest we've collected!"
  • "Some people enjoy collecting knives, others enjoy building robots, and some English people think that the most enjoyable hobby of all is to hunt a small fox with a pack of dogs."
  • "Security guard : Thank you sir, you can go and collect your luggage."
  • "The mail will be collected this evening, not to mention I have this report to finish!"
  • "Announcement : This is a reminder that all international passengers must go through customs and immigration before collecting their baggage."
  • "Before the festivities begin we have to collect the most important guest – Bruno Delavigne!"
  • "Don't forget to collect your bags before you leave the station, and enjoy New York City!"
  • "The money you contribute doesn't go to today's old people, no: it's placed into a pension fund where it will grow until you collect it when you retire."
  • "Jorge : I just came to collect my things."

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