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Tradução & Definição

to decide: decidir, escolher, concluir
undecided: indeciso, incerto
Our last campaign targeted undecided voters. Nossa última campanha dirigia-se aos eleitores indecisos.
We are still undecided about who will hire. Nós ainda não decidimos quem vamos contratar.


  • "Gidyeon, as your personal assistant, I've decided to make a very special appointment for you."
  • "I can't decide what to wear: The purple shirt with green stripes, or the orange shirt with silver spots... My meeting with Philip Cheeter is in half an hour."
  • "Bruno (Mitch) : I've decided to give up my position as lifeguard of this beach to pursue a musical career."
  • "Though I am still mourning Stink (a period which will last 40 days and 40 nights), I have decided to communicate to you my wishes for your atonement."
  • "But I decided to come back to life because I got hungry."
  • "This is very hard for me to say, but I have decided to stay here."
  • "We're going to decide who has the craziest way of speaking."
  • "Bruno : I decided to embark on a mission to study the dolphin in its natural habitat."
  • "I've made a decision, however, and rather than follow in my grandfather's footsteps, and live his dream, I've decided to pursue my own dream. Ladies and gentleman, I've decided to become..."

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