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Tradução & Definição

a delivery: uma entrega, uma distribuição
We offer free delivery. Nós oferecemos entrega gratuita.
a delivery boy (or "guy"): um(a) entregador(a)
The delivery boy's here. He's so cute. O entregador está aqui. Ele é tão bonito.
to deliver (the goods): entregar (os produtos)
to deliver a speech pronunciar um discurso


  • "Somehow, I came up with the idea of sending the delivery via ferry to Calais before being placed on a cargo ship to Brazil - genius!"
  • "Delivery to be made by 31st February"
  • "By the time it reaches Brazil, we will have missed the delivery deadline!"
  • "Horatio : And deliver me a poison letter?"
  • "As you may have heard, your last delivery of perfume was destroyed in a freak traffic accident."
  • "Sailor : Horatio, you've just received a delivery from a mermaid."
  • "I need you to produce and deliver a new, totally fabulous, Christmas card... TODAY!"
  • "The bad news is that my tarantulas were accidentally delivered to a child's baptism.The good news is that Edward Moon is a bastard."
  • "The board of the IACF thought it only fitting that you, one of the true pioneers in the fragrance and cosmetic community, deliver the speech to mark the Vicennial anniversary of our organization."

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