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Tradução & Definição

a desk: uma escrivaninha
Susan has a desk at Delavigne. Susan trabalha na Delavigne.
a cash desk um caixa (para pagamentos)
the reception desk a recepção


  • "Your desk's been cleared"
  • "Just keep your head down on the desk and we will begin."
  • "Also, I'm leaving 50 dollars on your desk."
  • "I have to get these figures from our California retail stores into this spreadsheet, out of that printer, and then onto Philip's desk in the next six minutes, and you are really stressing me out!"
  • "Tomorrow morning I have to finish an interim financial report, and Kevin still hasn't gotten back to me with the figures I need from the factories in Asia, and I already asked him eight times, and Bruno's going to be furious if the finished report isn't on his desk by 12."
  • "But I don't have a desk!"
  • "Hannah : What happened to your desk?"
  • "Well, by the look of your desk, it was a very intensive session."
  • "Preparation: Please be naked, lying face down on your desk when I arrive."
  • "The policy is on your desk, along with some chocolates."

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